Design Details

Cover Sheet

It's all about first impressions right? So to ensure you get the right first impression you are looking for when submitting to the AHJ, we provide a crisp, clean and easy to navigate Cover Sheet for your set of drawings. The Cover Sheet will include: 

  • Name and Address of Project / Type of Project
  • Scope of work
  • Occupancy Type and Load information
  • Applicable codes used for design
  • Sequence of Operations
  • Sheet List
  • Device Legend
  • Your Logo
  • Dedicated location For PE Stamp or RME Signature


Here we get into the main area of the design. When completing Floorplans, we have the distinct advantage of field experience and a vast working knowledge of different types of Fire Systems. This allows us to create a design for you that will be accurate with required devices, locations and wire paths. We aim to create a clean and legible design while maintaining maximum efficiency for the Installers of the project. 
Floorplans typically include:

  • Accurate Layouts (Walls, Doors, Halls, Etc.)
  • Panels, Devices, Junction Boxes
  • Wirepath's with distinctions between Circuit Types
  • Orientation
  • Scale Reference
  • Floor information, Room Names/Numbers

Calculations, Details and Riser Diagram

Our design process allows us to be extremely accurate and detailed in these areas while still producing sheets that are easily digestible and easy to understand. We Provide:

  • Riser Diagram
  • Battery Calcs
  • Point to Point Voltage Drop Calcs
  • Panel and device wiring typicals
  • Device Mounting Height References
  • Device address List